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In Leicester there are many great events and historical events such as where King Richard III met his end or head to the great festivals held there.


At Leicester there are activities for all tastes from Historical Battles and Buildings to fantastic and unforgettable Festivals. Furthermore it also has a Museum based upon the life and reign of King Richard III and tells of his work that he did for the country and what had led him to his demise at the famous battle of Bosworth but that’s not all it also allows you to fly over the last grand battle of King Richard III.

king richard

As well as having great historical sites Leicester also includes fabulous restaurants such as the Les Routiers San Carlo Leicester which is Italian themed and has lovely food and venue to bring the family too to have a fine dinner.  Boasting the only wood burning oven in Leicester, as well as authentic Italian cuisine and a stylish, contemporary interior; San Carlo is perfect for everything from a working lunch to an evening celebrasan carlotory meal.

Situated in Leicester city centre, the restaurant is within easy walking distance of the train station, shopping areas, theatres and the Mercure Hotel and conference centre.

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Or if you wish for a more French feel to your meal you can dine at the Les Routiers Le Petit Rouge which is a part of the award winning San Carlo group.petit

Sourcing only the finest, freshest ingredients; Le Petit Rouge presents an extensive menu of small, reasonably priced dishes reminiscent of those served in a traditional Parisian bistro

Le Petit Rouge

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For a fun day out you can visit the exciting Twycross Zoo which features over 150 different species, includes 500 animals, such as Giraffes, Monkeys and Meerkats. Also you can go to an extraordinary Festival known as the Noisily Festival which is a woodland area filled with great music and art.


Also visit the markets of Bosworth which include beautiful sites an shopping areas which have both traditional and modern items up for sale and more shopping areas in the city itself.

July 8, 2015 | Les Routiers UK

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