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Take advantage of the sun at some of Britain’s best beaches, there’s no better place.

Overwhelmed by crowded beaches want to experience sandy shores that are a bit further off the beaten path we have listed 10 of the best secret beaches below for you to explore.father-656734_640 (1)

Losgaintir Sands – in the Outer Hebrides voted the finest beach in the UK with an undeniably magnificient setting.  This walk head across the sands and then above the shoreline before returning through the village.  Unpassable at high tide!

Morar Beach – coastline Morar and Arisaig in Scotland – The Silver Sands of Morar are a celebrated series of beautiful sandy beaches which pepper the coastline from Arisaig to Morar. Most are easily accessible from the roadside but this walk visits one of the least frequented beaches, crossing some wet ground on the way.

Traigh a’Mhill – Fidden, Scotland is a picture-perfect destination that looks as though it belongs in the Caribbean.

Silecroft Beach – Cumbria – a peaceful, relaxed coastal beach and village overlooked by the 600 metres height of Black Combe from whose summit it is claimed that on a clear day Scotland, Wales the Isle of Man and 14 counties of England can be seen.  This beach has child friendly sand and pebble allowing plenty of space for other activities of angling, kiting, dog walking and horse riding.

Barafundle Bay – Stackpole, Pembroke – A crescent-shaped soft golden sand and crystal clear waters – a small bay backed by dunes and pine trees, accessible only a half mile walk from the nearest car park.  Voted many times as one of the best beaches in Britain and the world often likened to a Caribbean beach!!  A pristine, isolated beach with no facilities which means everything you take has to come back up over the cliffs.

Moor Sand – South Devon – is a small quiet pebble beach with rock pools.  No facilities or parking.  Park at Prawle Point and walk the coast path, which takes about 1 hour from Prawle Point but it’s worth doing for the stunning scenery.

Sandymouth Beach – Cornwall – is a large pebbled secluded beach below towering cliffs.  The beach is situated 3 miles north of Bude and thanks to the National Trust has been made more beach-801832_640
accessible with toll road and car park.  At low tide Sandymouth reveals large stretches of sand from which the beach takes its’ name.

Kynance Cove is Located on the west side of the Lizard which is probably the most photographed and painted location in Cornwall, the contrast between the cove’s white sand beach and the dark red and green serpentine rock produces a breath-taking sight.  Even with a steep 10-15 minute walk down to the cove this doesn’t stop visitors  heading to the beach for a family day out, a romantic stroll along the sand or to photograph the moment when in the sunlight on the sea turns a brilliant turquoise colour.

Broadsands Beach – in between Paignton and Brixham on the English Riviera, South Devon’s beautiful bay.  Sandy beach with rock pools where the whole family can enjoy making sandcastles and paddle in the calm sea.

Osborne House Beach on the Isle of Wight was once Queen Victoria’s very own private seaside escape.  Today you can enjoy their private and special place with your family, see where the royal children learnt to swim and enjoy the same magnificent views across the Solent.

Kingsgate Bay – Broadstairs, Kenta calm and secluded beach approximately 150 metres long with plenty of golden sand and lush greenery surrounding it . Some of the best sea caves in the country.If you are looking for a place to eat, drink & stay whilst exploring the secret beaches click onto this link for our Les Routiers Establishments Les Routiers UK

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July 31, 2015 | Les Routiers UK

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