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Sustainable Restaurant Association

SAR - Sustainable Restaurant Association

Whether it’s a special occasion and you want to splash out, or it’s a last minute thing with a couple of friends, choosing the restaurant that ticks all the right boxes can be tricky. And if you’ve got strong feelings about where your food comes from, how a restaurant treats its staff and takes care not to keep its taps running and lights on all night, you’ll have found little help up to now.


As well as being able to check out essentials like the quality of the food on offer, the service and atmosphere, the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) provides you with the tools to make an informed choice so you can select a dining destination that matches your values.


Set up in 2010, the SRA helps restaurants source more local, seasonal and high-welfare food, manage their waste, resources and water more efficiently and engage better with staff, customers and the community. The SRA Sustainability Rating is now the industry standard for assessing restaurants’ commitment to behaving responsibly. It gives restaurants the recognition for doing the right thing and consumers the information they need when choosing where to eat out.


None of the 1,000 SRA restaurants is perfect, but they are all committed to doing more and we’re just as determined to help them achieve that goal. The SRA rates restaurants One, Two or Three Star Sustainability Champions.


As well as being committed to promoting quality establishments, Les Routiers UK & Ireland also have commitment to promoting establishments that aim to be sustainable. Therefore all Les Routiers establishments that are listed by the SRA have the SRA logo next to them so you can clearly see these establishments are striving for sustainable excellence.


How restaurants are rated:
The SRA Rating System involves Restaurants completing a rigorous survey, providing answers and evidence to 65 questions across 14 areas of sustainability. The SRA then assesses the results and rates the restaurants accordingly.

Three-Star Sustainability Champions – These restaurants have demonstrated exceptional all-round sustainability, scoring consistently well across every category, totalling at least 70%.
Two-Star Sustainability Champions – These restaurants have demonstrated excellent all round sustainability, scoring at least 60%.
One-Star Sustainability Champions – These restaurants have demonstrated good all round sustainability, scoring at least 50%.


If you are an SRA member restaurant, you’ll get 10% off Les Routiers membership and vice versa. Contact us to find out more.