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This is the busiest weekend for travelling now the schools have broken up for Summer we thought we would assist in the art of packing.  At Les Routiers we have combined our knowledge of travel and have developed some handy travel packing tips to help you assemble your holiday gear the best way you can.

Whether you are packing for a weekend away or a two-week holiday, the stress is always the same. There is no winning formula to packing successfully, so much rests on where you are going and what you will be doing. Luggage

When gathering items together to take away with you, make life a little easier and consider making a list. If, like many of us you have gone out in an excited  panic and have bought brand new bits and pieces for your trip, the last thing you want to do is completely forget to pack them! Try not to wing it, you’re going  to want to minimize the amount you pack, layering items and mix-and-match clothes are ideal for creating plenty of outfits and permitting you to stay within  the dreaded airline baggage allowance.

Avoid putting your selected holiday clothes straight in the suitcase; this plays havoc with correct packing procedure, and can make editing tricky. Create a pile of clothes and essential items you want to take away with you on the bed or even throw on the floor – now go for gold and start editing that pile! Remove anything you are not 100% sure you want to take, because the likelihood is you’re not going to wear it. The order of packing should ideally be shoes first, wash bags, books, evening bags and then clothing, the cumbersome items are best put at the back of the suit case. You then want to start rolling and folding your clothing on top, you are basically creating a cushion for the heavier items and will help avoid any breakages.


At Les Routiers we hate it when you open your suitcase to find all that hard work folding every item is wasted as it has ended up tossed around like an old napkin? To prevent creases in the fabric, double roll them. Do this by laying each garment flat and fold the sleeves in. Then roll it tight from the neckline down. Finally, roll the rolled T-shirt again so it curls up. Then you can slot these in wherever you have a space.

Don’t  misjudge the power of a plastic bag while you are packing. By putting makeup, jewellery, and essential toiletries in a protected carrier bag, you eliminate the chance of accidental spills. When travelling by car, plane or public transport – your luggage is going to get a rough handling and you really don’t want to ruin all your clothes with your favourite moisturiser or shower gel.

Try to always bring one of your outfits in a carry-on, in the irritating situation that your luggage gets delayed for a couple days, regardless of this annoying state of affairs you will at least have a clean outfit to wear – nothing ruins a trip like having to wear worn-out undies!

There really is an understated art to packing, it lays everything out in front of you and depicts exactly what kind of holiday you are going to have. Do have ago at trying these five tips out, either for a summer holiday or simply a weekend break away and rest assured that you’re definitely not packing any luggage-related stress!

July 24, 2015 | Les Routiers UK

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