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Halloween has its origins in pagan festivals held around the end of October in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. People believed that, at this time of year, the spirits of dead people could come ‘alive’ and walk among the living. They thought that it was important to dress up in costumes when venturing outside, to avoid being harmed by the spirits. This may be the origin of the Halloween costumes seen today. In Puritan times, Halloween celebrations were outlawed, but they were revived in later times.stock-photo-halloween-design-forest-pumpkins-horror-background-with-autumn-valley-with-woods-spooky-tree-112543049

Halloween used to be called All Hallows Eve, or the day before All Saints’ Day, observed on November 1. Halloween is also known as Nut-crack Night, Thump-the-door Night or Apple and Candle Night. Some people call Halloween Bob Apple Night or Duck Apple Night. This comes from a traditional game played at this time of year and known as ‘apple bobbing’ or ‘apple ducking’. A bucket or other container is filled with water and one or more apples are floated on the water. The contestants take turns trying to catch an apple with their teeth. They must hold their hands behind their backs at all times.

Some people believe that apple bobbing is a reminder of the way women accused of witchcraft in the middle ages were tried. They were tied to a chair and repeatedly ducked into a river or pond. If a woman drowned, she was declared innocent. If she survived, she was declared a witch and burnt at the stake. Others think that apple bobbing is a way for young people to predict who they will marry or whether their partner is faithful.

Some aspects of the modern Halloween celebrations, such as carving lanterns out of vegetables originated long ago. Others were introduced more recently, often as a form of commercial promotion. Many customs originated in the United States and have travelled back to the United Kingdom.

Halloween celebrations in the United Kingdom include parties where guests are often expected to arrive in a costume to reflect the day’s theme. Other people gather together to watch horror films, either at home or at a cinema.

Some children go trick-or-treating. This means that they dress up and go to other peoples’ houses, knocking on the door for treat of sweets or a snack. Those who do not give out a treat may be tricked with a joke instead.

Halloween has its origins in pagan festivals in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Many stores and businesses see Halloween as a chance to promote products with a Halloween theme.


G Live in Guildford is holding a Halloween stage make-up master class on October 31 from 10am until 4pm. This full day session will see participants working with professional products to create realistic wounds, colourful bruises and zombie-like make-up and hair effects

LONDON EYE WITCH ACADEMY – Join the class of 2014 on Saturday 25th October to Saturday 1st November on the London Eye for a spellbinding experience with spooky views of London.

Whilst in the Surrey and London area visit some of our Silver & Gold Les Routiers establishments –



The Mandolay – Situated close to the heart of the delightful town centre of Guildford they offer everything you should expect from a modern yet traditional hotel.



India Dining – is a modern Indian restaurant that offers a superlative cooking made with freshly sourced British ingredients.



Chez Vous 42 new front

Chez Vous – Chez Vous is our modern French Restaurant & Hotel in the heart of Warlingham Village, Surrey. Reputable local Chefs Martin Bradley & Laurent Pacaud invite you to indulge in their fine cuisine in a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere. Our surrey accommodation offers you a relaxing stay just ten miles outside of London and is easily accessible whether on a business or leisure break.


Adria Hotel - landscape, frontAdria Hotel – A family-run B&B hotel providing good value accommodation, just a short stroll from Hammersmith’s main shopping street and conveniently located for the Tube, as well as the concert venue, Hammersmith Apollo.



Some of our Les Routiers establishments have events and special menus taking place this Halloween – see below for more information.

The Tower Inn, Slapton – Live music with Nick the Fish from 9pm. Dress up and come and have a spooky good time.

The George & Dragon, Arundel – Saturday 1st November enjoy a ‘Spooky Supper’ 3 courses for £19.95 Dare to be there!!!!

The Black Horse, Fulmer – Bring your children to a free Halloween Party on 31st October from 3-30 – 5pm.  Themed activities include pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, a magician, entertainer, sweets galore and much, much more!   Spooky costumes welcome!
Why not take a trip to the New Forest and participate in Halloween Canoeing event taking place on October 29th & 31st.   A spooky adventure along the river and through the woods.  Spooky costumes welcome!

Great family fun activity with a prize for the best fancy dress!stock-vector-halloween-set-drawn-halloween-symbols-pumpkin-broom-bat-spider-webs-lettering-and-stylized-208479874

Join New Forest Activities on a haunted adventure on the Beaulieu River. Come dressed in your worst as you paddle along the river at dusk in Canadian canoes, hearing ghost stories from Beaulieu legend. Once you reach your destination you’ll take a guided walk back to your start point through the spooky woods.


Wishing you all a very spooky happy Halloween!!


October 28, 2014 | Les Routiers UK

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